How do our clients get work done? They use hundreds of applications to perform daily and strategic tasks. We are there to support them every step of the way. Be it a cloud application like Google Apps for Government, or a custom built application for tracking property valuation protests, DOTComm provides design, development, implementation and ongoing support services.

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Enterprise Applications
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Enterprise application software includes content, communication, and collaboration software; CRM software; digital and content creation software, ERP software; office suites; project and portfolio management; and SCM software.

Web Design & Web Application Development
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Web Applications (Web Apps) are an ideal way of delivering online solutions which can be accessed using a range of devices and platforms via a web browser. We design and develop Web Apps using a range of technologies which include Java, PHP, Joomla CMS, MySQL and Microsoft SQL server.

Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS)
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COTS applications are pre-packaged software delivered by a third party vendor. DOTComm supports a growing inventory of COTS applications as we move away from IMS applications. DOTComm provides support services that include business process definition; RFP Support; application integration support; vendor management; implementation and deployment support; application maintenance (enhancements and upgrades); application hosting services; as well as overall applications portfolio management.

Cloud Apps Development
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Application development in the cloud are gaining more popularity, as more organizations use public and private cloud computing initiatives. We develop applications that are cloud based taking the City of Omaha and Douglas County to the next generation of life cycle.

IMS Application
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IMS Applications is the traditional way of delivering business solutions to the City and County. DOTComm supports a significant inventory of IMS applications in the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Domain; Property and Finance Domain; and Health Services Domain. DOTComm provides application support services that include business process definition; application integration support; custom development support; implementation and deployment support; and application maintenance (enhancements and upgrades).

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