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With over 15 years of business experience across multiple disciplines, Derek Kruse has been leading DOTComm since 2012. His passion for process improvement and business enablement through technology has ushered in a new era of transparency, performance and accountability. This page provides a peek behind the curtain, strategic updates and Derek’s thoughts on the current state of technology.

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Subject : Chaos and Teamwork - Happy Halloween!

Date : Oct-30-2015

In our world, testing is vitally important. It is pervasive in our processes. Every piece of code must be tested and retested. Server and network configurations must be tested and retested. The same goes for security procedures and disaster planning. But how many times do we test our ability to pull together as a team under duress? How often do we inject some chaos into a situation and see how we respond as a unit? Earlier this week we did just that at DOTComm, and had some seasonal fun doing it. During our scheduled All Hands meeting we simulated a zombie attack on our building and used Google Hangouts to communicate between floors and complete a series of tasks that required creative thinking and teamwork. It was a ton of fun given the roaming zombies, but more importantly, it was telling to see how the teams worked together to accomplish the tasks despite difficult and constantly changing circumstances. It forced us all to think about how we can creatively approach persistent problems and it gave us a chance to see how we work together under stress. Everyone had a great time as well and it was rewarding to see the team talking about how they accomplished the tasks as they celebrated our victory over the zombies over some zombie punch and cookies. A little Halloween chaos was the just the thing we needed to come together as a DOTComm team.

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Subject : Inaugural Blog

Date : Oct-21-2015

Welcome to our new website! As you can see we have completely redesigned the site to be more user friendly, modern and social. We have emphasized our social presence on Facebook, LinkedIN, Google+ and Twitter and have combined our public page, customer service page and intranet into one portal. This was a team effort across the board and we are proud of the results. There are plenty of ways for you to give us feedback so fire away! We will be working out the kinks for a bit, but we are confident this will continue to be the go-to place for our clients to get the information they need to fully leverage technology.

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Strategic Initiatives

What will we look like in January of 2019? It seems like a long time from now, but it will be here in a blink of an eye. As technologists, it is our duty to think about the future and put in place the roadmaps needed to be ready. We first asked ourselves about the future in late 2013. At that time our focus was January 1 of 2017. We coined the term “J1-17” and it caught on with our teams. Each Service created a 3 year roadmap to capitalize on successes and to improve areas of weakness. These have been very valuable as they allow us to have meaningful discussions about our future as a team, and more importantly, with our clients.

We have published these “J1-17s” on our Customer Support site and we update them regularly. Now we turn to 2019 and ensuring that we are making the right moves today to prepare us for the future. The following list is not comprehensive and will be updated as we see shifts, but these are top 6 strategic technology areas of focus for DOTComm.

Annual Report

Each January we provide a consolidated report on our prior year performance. This report is an easy to consume narrative that allows our clients and community to see the progress that we have made. 2015 was another monumental year for DOTComm, our clients and our community.

Annual Report 

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