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Get Connected!

Bandwidth is the name of the game in this modern computing world. As more services move to the cloud, the more highly dependent we are upon a reliable and speedy internet to get business done. In partnership with Cox Business, we have been able to connect nearly all of our City and County facilities with reliable, scale-able internet connectivity. This opens the door for modern, cloud-based applications and services and ensures we can make sound business decisions without worrying about insufficient internet connectivity.

Managed Print Success!

In 2014 we entered into managed print services agreement with Bishop Business and by the end of 2015 we have nearly 100% participation by our City and County departments. This partnership has helped to reduce printing expenses by over 15%. The savings are realized through lower consumable prices, phasing out older printers and moving to more cost effective machines.

A hearty thank you to Bishop Business for the great support and partnership with DOTComm, Douglas County and The City of Omaha.

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