Data Access

Data Requests

DOTComm will provide data based upon unique business rules determined by the requesting business. Examples of data rules are:

  • Sales information by parcel address for commercial and residential properties
  • Deeds information
  • Property build and purchase dates
  • Parcel shape files

These business rules form the basis for the creation of programs that retrieve & deliver thousands of records for a variety of business uses.

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County Public Access Network (CPAN)

The CPAN system was developed to allow access to public County records through the use of teleprocessing equipment or personal computers. It was designed to reduce the number of times users must either come to the county offices to researching information or telephone the County offices requesting information. The goal of CPAN is to provide fast, efficient, and accurate access to:

  • Real Property
  • Document Filings
  • Court Related Information
  • Voter Registration

Minimum system requirements for using the CPAN application

At this time, DOTComm does not offer or support emulator software.  Any 3270 terminal emulation program will work to connect, so if you already own a license for one, you may save yourself the cost of a new software package.

Emulator Software Recommendations:

Windows Users

  • Mochasoft Emulator - This Emulator is compatible with operating systems Windows XP and newer and requires a one-time charge of $29.85 after a 30 day free trial period.

Macintosh Users

CPAN Service Cost

CPAN services are billed by transaction usage. A transaction is a specific set of input data that triggers a specific process or job. It is identified with a transaction code. An example of a transaction code is PARC which triggers the process of retrieving and displaying real property information.

  • Plan 1

    • Up to 750 transactions for $100 per year

  • Plan 2

    • Up to 3,000 transactions for $300 per year

  • Plan 3

    • Up to 15,000 transactions for $1,000 per year

  • Plan 4

    • Unlimited transactions for $4,000 per year

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